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The purpose of "DCMP International Daycare Center Management Professional Certification" is to cultivate management talents in the childcare industry. It brings together the management systems, laws and regulations of advanced childcare institutions in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., and integrates high-standard certified specifications.

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Certification includes childcare center courses such as entrepreneurship management, financial operation, enrollment leadership and on-site training.They’re combined with personal training courses: Childcare Institution Management Course, Senior Infant and Toddler Childcare Teacher Course, etc., and make childcare providers having nursing-related professional skills; they will know how to develop the management capabilities of high-level childcare institutions such as childcare centers for sustainable operation and international outlook.


DCMP's complete, rigorous training system and speciality for talents in the childcare industry have won international praise and recognition.

Our consultant teacher team was invited to jointly serve as the lecturer of "Vocational Teacher Training of Infant and Child Care". Trainees who have participated in the training and passed the assessment will be issued the "Training Certificate of Infant & Child Care Professional Qualification" by the center of Education and Training of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.


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[Childcare Institution Training Course] was intended to help aspiring people who want to set up a childcare institution team quickly understand the trends and regulations of the infant and toddler industry at home and abroad, and cultivate high-level capabilities such as childcare entrepreneurship, business management and institutional leadership. It is planned to foster new childcare teams to take up jobs quickly and assist in designing childcare activities to maintain high-quality teaching. This training course provides the highest standard software and hardware technology and connotation so that operators can concentrate on realizing their educational ideals and continue to make profits, facilitate sustainable operations and look to the world.


Childcare Management


Childcare Team Coaching

 Design of Childcare Activities

Strengthening of operation and management ability

Efficient operation of team

Infant development guidance

[Training Course for Childcare Talents] was intended to help aspiring people who want to engage in infancy-related industries to deeply understand infancy industry trends, regulations and norms at home and abroad, as well as professional knowledge and skills in childcare, and have high-level capabilities such as entrepreneurship, operation management and institutional leadership in childcare, so as to exert influence in the forward-looking childcare industry and become an international professional leader; At the same time, a training center for nanny license is provided to help the candidates to be on the list. With the growing quality of children increasingly valued by modern parents, there will be a lot of market demand for future infant and toddler professionals. In addition, the government and the industry are paying more and more attention to professional licenses. The comprehensive and diversified certification mechanism of this training course is definitely a stepping stone for workers in the childcare industry.


Childcare Institution Management Course

Training of managerial and administrative talent


Senior Infant and Toddler Childcare

 Teacher  Course

Dual Certification of care and management

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